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Fix Me, Jesus Reviews

StageBuddy Review 

"Her 10-year-old counterpart, played by Kate Froemmling in her Off-Broadway debut, is surprisingly believable." -Oscar Lopez

Broadway World Review

"Froemmling, in her professional debut, makes for a very real, and very tragic, look into Annabell's past, clouded with the idea of looks, not books, and narrow-minded would-be patriotism." - Juliana Adame

Stu on Broadway Review

"Likewise, newcomer Kate Froemmling, as the adolescent Annabell, is enchanting and able to instill a certain level of intelligence and precociousness to her role." -Stuart Brown

The Front Row Center Review

"Young Annabell (Kate Froemmling) is the sponge soaking up the teachings and directives of her opinionated family, sweetly played by young Froemmling." -Elise Marenson

Theater Reviews Limited Review

"Annabell as a child (played with grace and charm by Kate Froemmling) stands on stage right next to the adult Annabell." -David Roberts

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